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Cover Crops

Cover crop mixes were developed to break down soil between crop rotations and improve soil fertility and health. All mixes include a proportion of quick-growing species to effectively suppress weed growth. The species diversity guarantees good biodiversity and maximum variation in root development to ensure good soil penetration.

Cover crop mixes deliver a number of benefits compared with single crop sowings:

  • Mixed rooting structures, restructuring the soil at all levels through the profile alleviating compaction and soil pans
  • Provides the same amount or more biomass and root yields compared with single crop sowings
  • Produces a greater amount of varied root exudates for enhanced microbial activity and humus production
  • Increases yield stability and quality of the following crop
  • Suppresses weeds
  • Reduces nutrient losses via soil erosion or leaching
  • Reduces risk of lodging by providing crop support



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Yorkshire Green are one of the largest suppliers of grass and game cover seeds in the North of England. We stock a wide range of agricultural, amenity and game cover mixtures available from our store for collection throughout the season.

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